Contract Carpet Systems Inc.

What is the biggest misconception about the industry?
The amount of passion and hard work that goes into the day to day business of building Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area. The second misconception is how hard working and intelligent our young work force can be.

What is your biggest current challenge at work?
Finding qualified craftsmen. We are thrilled that ABC is addressing this through several programs.

What project is your company most proud of?
Being the flooring contractor for Building for America's Bravest, and the Gary Senise Foundation. To be part of an organization that provides housing for our most handicapped veterans and watch them live on their own after years of rehabilitation is life changing.

How does your ABC Membership help your company?

ABC means we are engaged politically, socially, and communally in building the greater Washington DC-Baltimore community. Our greatest gift is what we give to ABC and the District, not what we get out of it.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A newscaster.

Tell us something no one in the industry knows about you.
I love to surf, and would go anywhere to find the perfect wave (and the older I get means it doesn't have to be big).

What book are you currently reading?
Destiny and Power, a biography of George HW Bush, by John Meacham. I love spy novels, but I try to read Atlas Shrugged at least once every five years. It tends to keep me fired up.

Contract Carpet Systems is a second generation company celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year as one of the Metropolitan DC's largest and well regarded flooring contractor. We proudly support more than 29 families and they us. We are members of both the Starnet (commercial flooring) and the Carpet One (retail) family.

In business since 1976

Kurt Zanelotti