Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

To protect and enhance the merit shop philosophy within the construction industry, to speak for the industry to the public, and to engage members to succeed in a challenging marketplace.

ABC of Metro Washington is the pre-eminent advocate for fair and open competition and the merit shop philosophy, and the premiere construction association in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. 

  • ABC values the free-market system as the basic premise of economic freedom.
  • ABC believes in open and fair competition.
  • ABC values a commitment to continually strive to attain the highest standards of performance in business and construction.
  • ABC believes in strength in diversity and inclusiveness.
  • ABC values personal and corporate integrity and trust.
  • ABC values industry and personal professionalism.
  • ABC values good corporate citizenship.
  • ABC values lifelong learning and a commitment to developing the future and current workforces.
  • ABC values good stewardship and fiscal responsibility in the leadership and management of the association.



  • Perpetuate and defend the free enterprise system and the merit shop philosophy by participating in the democratic process.
  • Deliver programs and services that have a direct, positive and measurable effect on our members’ prosperity.
  • Promote business development by providing members with networking opportunities.
  • Promote craft and management training of employees.
  • Effectively communicate the services and benefits of membership, and encourage member participation and involvement in the association.
  • Promote for mutual benefit majority, women and minority members.
  • Improve industry practices.
  • Improve where we live and work through our members' active community service.


ABC of Metro Washington's Bylaws