Political Action Committees (PACs)

The purpose of Political Action Committees (PACs) is to support candidates for office who believe in the principles of ABC regarding free and open competition. ABC of Metro Washington maintains political action committees for the District of Columbia and state of Maryland.

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The District of Columbia PAC supports candidates for the DC City Council and the office of Mayor. Contributions to the PAC by the members can be personal or corporate.
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Maryland PAC

The Maryland PAC supports candidates for the Prince George’s and Montgomery County Councils, the County Executives in each county and members of the Prince George’s and Montgomery Delegations to Annapolis. The Metro Washington Chapter also works closely with the other Maryland ABC Chapters regarding statewide races, i.e. Governor, or other key races across the state. Contributions to the PAC by members can be personal or corporate.
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National PAC

National PAC

The Metro Washington Chapter actively supports the ABC National PAC by raising funds to assist candidates for Congress who support the principles of ABC. Contributions by members to the national PAC can only be personal.   
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Free Enterprise Alliance


The Free Enterprise Alliance (FEA) is the action arm for small businesses, entrepreneurs and advocates of limited government, open and fair competition, and the economically sound principles upon which America was built.

Founded by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), the Free Enterprise Alliance’s mission is to educate ABC members and their employees, elected officials, and the public about the issues important to open competition in America.

FEA can accept funds from any member, including corporations. All contributions are voluntary and are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. FEA is an entity of the Associated Builders and Contractors.


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