About ABC University

ABC University is exclusively offered to ABC of Metro Washington members, providing critical resources for focused business growth and improvement. Your subscription includes:
   Live virtual business forums providing an interactive experience for addressing the biggest challenges facing your firm’s growth, anonymously
   A growing archive of forums in a fully-searchable format, allowing you to find advice and direction on the things that are most relevant to you—when you need them. 
   Best practices, accompanying documents and training videos for profitably and strategically growing your construction business. 

Grow with us

With three tracks customized for the construction industry, you’ll find everything you need to grow your business profitably. You choose your tracks—pick one, two or all three. Each subscription receives five unique logins, maximizing the experience. Tracks include: 

* Positioning your company to attract candidates
* Interviewing effectively to hire winners
* Career pathing to lower turnover and maximize talent utilization
* Compensation strategies

* Establishing time-saving pursuit criteria that really works
* Converting project success into increased hit rates
* Account classification and targeting methods
* Resolving contract disputes while protecting relationships

* Inspiring your people with vision, mission and values
* Strategic growth planning and building business value
* Cultivating a leadership mentality 
* Succession planning and proactive preparation
 One track: $120/month  Two tracks: $200/month  Three tracks: $280/month

The Partners 

ABC of Metro Washington is committed to delivering high-value member experiences. Our exclusive partnership with Neuberger & Company provides members with the right trainers on the right topics, delivering transformative results. ABC of Metro Washington has partnered with Neuberger & Company since 2012, and we’re excited to deliver this virtual experience to drive results for our members.  


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