New Hire Safety Orientation

Safety Classes


Safety Orientation

The Safety Orientation Template provides a consistent, impactful safety orientation program to employees. This customizable template will guide you through the process of conducting a highly effective safety orientation program, an important factor as you build a culture of safety that strives to achieve zero accidents.

ABC's 2020 Safety Performance Report shows that companies that conduct an in-depth indoctrination of new employees into the safety culture, systems and processes based on a documented orientation process experience 56% lower incident rates than companies that limit their orientations to basic safety and health compliance topics.


The Facilitator Guide

This facilitator guide is designed for any safety professional who is tasked with delivering safety orientation programs. If you are a new trainer and have not conducted safety orientations in the past, this guide will provide all of the necessary steps to take to ensure you are prepared. If you are an experienced trainer and have conducted safety orientation programs in the past, this guide will help you to optimize and fine-tune your content and presentation. This guide will be especially helpful for those chapters who are pursuing higher STEP achievement levels and want to expand their existing safety orientation program.

The Participant Guide

The customizable Participant Guide allows facilitators to include important information that will be covered during the orientation training, including your company goals and expectations. It also contains:
 * safety orientation learning outcomes
 *  safety orientation agenda
 *  program completion form
 *  program evaluation form

The PowerPoint Template

The Safety Orientation PowerPoint Template presents 22 topics, corresponding slides and high-level bullet points that will help you to develop and present at least 200 minutes of content to your participants. As you prepare your program, take some time to review the PowerPoint template to see how it is structured and what content is recommended. Then customize the PowerPoint template to ensure it meets your needs.