The Millstone Companies

What is the biggest misconception about the industry?

That the construction industry is a "dead end" career path.


What is your biggest current challenge at work?

As with everyone else, lack of skilled, qualified tradesmen.


What keeps you up at night?

Ever-changing regulatory compliance.


What project is your company most proud of?

Too many too narrow to just one. The beauty of our niche is that we design custom solutions for each application. Notable projects include the White House, U.S Capitol, Hirschorn Museum, The Old Pension Building and Dulles Airport.


How does your ABC membership help your company?

Training & educational programs, networking and legislative activism.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

Professional Basketball player


What do you look forward to each day?



What is your favorite metro Washington hangout/restaurant?

Joe's Stone Crab & Steak


What is your favorite movie or tv show?



What do you do for fun?

Attend numerous sporting events & travel


What book are you currently reading?

Rogue Lawyer, John Grisham


What was your first job?

Newspaper delivery

The Millstone Companies have been supplying the most complete lines of construction access equipment throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region for more than thirty-five years. Supported scaffolding, suspended scaffolding and construction hoisting lines are all supported with design, estimating, engineering and complete turnkey erection & dismantling services which combined make Millstone the industry standard for safe, affordable vertical access solutions.

In business since 1977.




John R. Miller

The Millstone Companies