Welders join metal parts. They also fill holes, indentions, or seams of metal products, using hand-held metal joining equipment. Welders typically do the following:
  • Study blueprints, sketches, or specifications
  • Calculate dimensions to be welded
  • Inspect structures or materials to be welded
  • Ignite torches or start power supplies
  • Monitor the welding process to avoid overheating
  • Maintain equipment and machinery

  • Annual Apprenticeship Program Includes:

    Registration of Apprentice with D.C. and/or Maryland (if apprenticed) 
    Attending Council meetings with and on behalf of Registered Employers 
    Monitoring Apprentice annual progression  
    Monthly on-site class evaluation for testing and hands-on 
    Monitoring monthly grades and attendance reporting 
    Monitoring monthly off-site OJT reporting  
    Monitor and submission of NCCER Student Certification material
    Instructor, Lab and Book Fees

    Course Work

    Welding 1

    Includes registration fee, books, materials, lab
    supplies, and instructor fees.
    • Oxyfuel Cutting
    • Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging
    • Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC)
    • Base Metal Preparation
    • Joint Fit-Up and Alignment
    • SMAW – Equipment and Setup /
    Electrodes and Selection
    • SMAW – Beads and Fillet Welds
    • Weld Quality
    • Welding Symbols
    • Reading Welding Detail Drawings
    • SMAW – Groove Welds with Backing /
    Open V-Butt Welds
    • SMAW – Open Root Pipe Welds /
    Stainless Steel Groove Welds

    $2,400 ABC Member Rate* 
    $3,600 Non-Member Rate*
    *does not include C.O.R.E.

    Welding 2

    Includes books, materials, lab supplies, and instructor fees.
    • Preheating and Post-weld Heat
    Treatment of Metals
    • GTAW – Equipment and Filler Metals
    • GTAW – Plate
    • GTAW – Carbon Steel Pipe
    • GTAW – Stainless Steel Pipe
    • GTAW – Low-Alloy Steel Pipe

    $2,400 ABC Member Rate 
    $3,600 Non-Member Rate

    Welding 3

    Includes books, materials, lab supplies, and instructor fees.
    • Physical Characteristics and
    Mechanical Properties of Metals
    • GMAW and FCAW– Equipment and
    Filler Metals
    • GMAW – Plate
    • GMAW – Pipe
    • FCAW – Plate
    • FCAW – Pipe
    • GTAW – Aluminum Plate and Pipe
    • GMAW – Aluminum Plate and Pipe

    $2,400 ABC Member Rate 
    $3,600 Non-Member Rate