Plumbers install and repair pipes that carry liquids or gases to and in businesses, homes, and factories. Plumbers typically do the following:
  • Install pipes and fixtures
  • Study blueprints and follow state and local building codes
  • Determine the amount of material and type of equipment needed
  • Inspect and test installed pipe systems and pipelines
  • Troubleshoot systems that are not working
  • Replace worn parts

  • Annual Apprenticeship Program Includes:

  • Registration of Apprentice with D.C. and/or Maryland (if apprenticed) 
  • Attending Council meetings with and on behalf of Registered Employers 
  • Monitoring Apprentice annual progression  
  • Monthly on-site class evaluation for testing and hands-on 
  • Monitoring monthly grades and attendance reporting 
  • Monitoring monthly off-site OJT reporting  
  • Monitor and submission of NCCER Student Certification material
  • Instructor, Lab and Book Fees
  • Course Work

    Plumbing 1

    Includes registration fee, books, materials, lab supplies, and instructor fees.
    • Introduction to the Plumbing Profession
    • Plumbing Safety
    • Plumbing Tools
    • Introduction to Plumbing Math
    • Introduction to Plumbing Drawings
    • Plastic / Copper / Cast-Iron / Carbon Steel Pipe and Fittings
    • Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing
    • Fixtures and Faucets
    • Introduction to Drain, Waste, and Vent (DWV) Systems
    • Introduction to Water Distribution Systems

    $2,400 ABC Member Rate* 
    $3,600 Non-Member Rate*
    *does not include C.O.R.E.

    Plumbing 2

    Includes books, materials, lab supplies, and instructor fees.
    • Plumbing Math Two
    • Reading Commercial Drawings
    • Hangers, Supports, Structural Penetrations and Fire Stopping
    • Installing and Testing DWV Piping
    • Installing Roof, Floor and Area Drains
    • Types of Valves
    • Installing and Testing Water Supply Piping
    • Installing Fixtures - Valves and Faucets
    • Introduction to Electricity
    • Installing Water Heaters
    • Fuel Gas Systems
    • Servicing of Fixtures - Valves and Faucets

    $2,400 ABC Member Rate 
    $3,600 Non-Member Rate

    Plumbing 3

    Includes books, materials, lab supplies, and instructor fees.
    • Applied Math
    • Sizing Water Supply Piping
    • Potable Water Treatment
    • Backflow Preventers
    • Types of Venting
    • Sizing DWV and Storm Systems
    • Sewage Pumps and Sump Pumps
    • Corrosive-Resistant Waste Piping
    • Compressed Air

    $2,400 ABC Member Rate 
    $3,600 Non-Member Rate

    Plumbing 4

    Includes books, materials, lab supplies, instructor fees,
    32-Hour Backflow Certification, Journeyman's Prep Course, and Journeyman's Exam and License Fee.
    • Business Principles for Plumbers
    • Introductory Skills for the Crew Leader
    • Water Pressure Booster and Recirculation Systems
    • Indirect and Special Waste
    • Hydronic and Solar Heating Systems
    • Codes
    • Servicing Piping Systems - Fixtures and Appliances
    • Private Water Supply Well Systems
    • Private Waste Disposal Systems
    • Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs
    • Plumbing for Mobile Homes and Travel Trailers

    $3,725 ABC Member Rate
    $4,900 Non-Member Rate