Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC)

HVAC mechanics and installers work on heating, ventilation, cooling, and refrigeration systems that control the temperature and air quality in buildings. Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers typically do the following:
  • Use blueprints or design specifications to install or repair HVACR systems
  • Connect systems to fuel and water supply lines, air ducts, and other components
  • Install electrical wiring and controls and test for proper operation
  • Inspect and maintain customers’ HVACR systems
  • Test individual components to determine necessary repairs
  • Repair or replace worn or defective parts
  • Determine HVACR systems’ energy use and make recommendations to improve efficiency

  • Annual Apprenticeship Program Includes:

  • Registration of Apprentice with D.C. and/or Maryland (if apprenticed) 
  • Attending Council meetings with and on behalf of Registered Employers 
  • Monitoring Apprentice annual progression  
  • Monthly on-site class evaluation for testing and hands-on 
  • Monitoring monthly grades and attendance reporting 
  • Monitoring monthly off-site OJT reporting  
  • Monitor and submission of NCCER Student Certification material
  • Instructor, Lab and Book Fees
  • Course Work

    HVAC 1

    Includes next available C.O.R.E. Class, registration
    fee, books, materials, lab supplies, and instructor fees.
    • Introduction to HVAC
    • Trade Mathematics
    • Copper and Plastic Piping Practices
    • Soldering and Brazing
    • Ferrous Metal Piping Practices
    • Basic Electricity
    • Introduction to Cooling
    • Introduction to Heating and Air
    Distribution Systems

    $2,400 ABC Member Rate* 
    $3,600 Non-Member Rate*
    *does not include C.O.R.E.


    HVAC 2

    Includes books, materials, lab supplies, and instructor fees.
    • Commercial Airside Systems
    • Chimneys, Vents and Flues
    • Introduction to Hydronic Systems
    • Air Quality Equipment
    • Leak Detection - Evacuation -
    Recovery and Charging
    • Alternating Current
    • Basic Electronics
    • Introduction to Control Circuit
    • Troubleshooting for Gas Heating
    and Cooling
    • Heat Pumps
    • Basic Installation and Maintenance
    • Sheet Metal Duct Systems
    • Fiberglass and Flexible Duct

    $2,400 ABC Member Rate 
    $3,600 Non-Member Rate

    HVAC 3

    Includes books, materials, lab supplies, and instructor fees.
    • Refrigerants and Oils
    • Compressors
    • Metering Devices
    • Retail Refrigeration Systems
    • Commercial Hydronic Systems
    • Steam Systems
    • Planned Maintenance
    • Water Treatment
    • Troubleshooting Electronic
    Controls, Oil Heating, Heat Pumps
    and Accessories

    $2,400 ABC Member Rate 
    $3,600 Non-Member Rate


    HVAC 4

    Includes books, materials, lab supplies, and instructor fees.
    • Construction Drawings and Specifications
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Energy Conservation Equipment
    • Building Management Systems
    • Water Treatment
    • System Startup and Shutdown
    • Heating and Cooling System Design
    • Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration

    $2,400 ABC Member Rate 
    $3,600 Non-Member Rate