Concrete Form Builders

Concrete Form Builders construct and repair building frameworks and forms made from wood and other materials. Concrete Form Builders typically do the following:

  • Follow blueprints and building plans to meet the needs of clients
  • Measure, cut, or shape wood, metal, and other materials
  • Construct form systems and concrete forms to create concrete structures
  • Help erect, level, and install forms with the aid of rigging hardware and cranes

Annual Apprenticeship Program Includes:

  • Registration of Apprentice with DC only (This trade is not available for apprenticeship in Maryland)
  • Attending Council meetings with and on behalf of Registered Employers 
  • Monitoring Apprentice annual progression  
  • Monthly on-site class evaluation for testing and hands-on 
  • Monitoring monthly grades and attendance reporting 
  • Monitoring monthly off-site OJT reporting  
  • Monitor and submission of NCCER Student Certification material
  • Instructor, Lab and Book Fees

Course Work

"The skills and basic principles taught in the Concrete Form Builder program allow our apprentices to take what they learn in the classroom and apply that knowledge to their everyday trade. This program allows our firm to develop the talent within and provides students (our employees) with the knowledge to propel them from a form carpenter to a supervisory position down the road."
– Josue Leon, Facchina Construction Company, Inc.

Concrete Form Builder 1

Includes registration fee, books, materials, lab supplies, and instructor fees.
• Introduction to Concrete Construction 
and Finishing
• Safety Requirements
• Properties of Concrete
• Tools and Equipment
• Preparing and Placing Concrete
• Finishing - Curing and
Protecting Concrete
• Introduction to Troubleshooting

$2,400 ABC Member Rate
$3,600 Non-Member Rate

C.O.R.E. is a prerequisite for this class. 

Concrete Form Builder 2

Includes books, materials, lab supplies, and instructor fees.
• Rigging Equipment and Practices
• Properties of Concrete
• Reinforcing Concrete
• Handling and Placing Concrete
• Trenching and Excavating
• Foundations and Slab-On-Grade
• Vertical and Horizontal Formwork
• Tilt-Up Wall Panels

$2,400 ABC Member Rate 
$3,600 Non-Member Rate