Cement Mason

Cement masons pour, smooth, and finish concrete floors, sidewalks, roads, and curbs. Cement masons typically do the following:
  • Set the forms that hold concrete in place
  • Install reinforcing rebar or mesh wire to strengthen the concrete
  • Signal truck drivers to facilitate the pouring of concrete
  • Spread, level, and smooth concrete, using a trowel, float, or screed
  • Mold expansion joints and edges
  • Monitor curing (hardening) to ensure a durable, smooth, and uniform finish
  • Apply sealants or waterproofing to protect concrete

  • Annual Apprenticeship Program Includes:

  • Registration of Apprentice with D.C. and/or Maryland (if apprenticed) 
  • Attending Council meetings with and on behalf of Registered Employers 
  • Monitoring Apprentice annual progression 
  • Monthly on-site class evaluation for testing and hands-on 
  • Monitoring monthly grades and attendance reporting 
  • Monitoring monthly off-site OJT reporting 
  • Monitor and submission of NCCER Student Certification material
  • Instructor, Lab and Book Fees
  • Course Work

    Cement Mason 1

    Includes registration fee, books, materials, lab supplies, and instructor fees.
    • Properties of Concrete
    • Preparing for Placement
    • Placing Concrete
    • Finishing
    • Curing and Protecting Concrete                      

    $2,400 ABC Member Rate*
    $3,600 Non-Member Rate*
    *does not include C.O.R.E.

    Cement Mason 2

    Includes books, materials, lab supplies, and instructor fees.
    • Estimating Concrete Quantities
    • Forming
    • Architectural Finishes
    • Industrial and Super-flat Floors
    • Surface Treatments
    • Making Repairs

    $2,400 ABC Member Rate 
    $3,600 Non-Member Rate