Message from the Chair



As you know, the construction industry is facing a serious labor shortage. Part of ABC’s mission is to help grow the workforce by educating and developing the next generation of craft professionals. ABC is at the forefront of developing upcoming trade talent through our ABC CraftMasters Training Academy. CraftMasters provides quality education and instruction in nine different trades to apprentices and other students advancing through their careers.

You Can Make a Difference!

CraftMasters is searching for qualified craft professionals who are interested in teaching and inspiring the next generation. These part-time, paid instructor positions are for day and evening “gig” work. Our team will train instructors on how to extend their field experience into the classroom.

You can help by contacting current or retired work colleagues, family, neighbors and friends who might want to develop and mentor upcoming construction tradespersons. It’s a great opportunity for them to influence those who are choosing a career in construction or moving to the next level. As an added benefit, instructors get paid while training this next generation.

You can help by: posting this flyer to your social media network; sending the flyer to your employees and asking them to share; or posting a flyer in your work areas.

Interested instructors can download an informational flyer and complete this form.

Or please email Mike Zemarel, CraftMasters Training Academy Manager, or  call 301-853-4668.

Thank you,

Lynn Stith Bennett
Chair, ABC of Metro Washington
Executive Vice President, Coakley & Williams Construction