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Effective Communication

Presented by:
Doug Lotierzo, Neuberger & Co. 

We all have a responsibility to engage and interact with other people. At the core of every great relationship, either personal or professional, is trust. Among few others, one key way to establish trust is to have EFFECTIVE, OPEN, & HONEST COMMUNICATION. Most individuals tend to trust people like themselves. If you were to look at the sum of your closest five relationships, you would notice more similarities than differences. The challenge is that the word is filled with all different types of personality styles. The truth is, humans are complex. Whether you are a leader of people, in sales or in customer service, the skill of being a communication "chameleon" comes in handy regardless of your role. 

Our guest speaker will be Doug Lotierzo with Neuberger & Co.  Come discover your natural communication style, how to identify others, and learn techniques to effectively communicate with everyone!  We will explore some of the science behind effective communication and maybe even provide a tool or two that you can implement immediately to make sure with every connection you make, you have the opportunity to make it as real and personal as possible.

Friday, September 21, 2018
8:00-10:00 AM

$99 Member
$149 Non Member