Beam Club

ABC of Metro Washington Beam Club members are the foundation for the future of ABC and merit shop construction. These members support ABC in the most fundamental way - by recruiting quality firms as new members.

Individuals that sponsor five new ABC members are automatically enrolled in the Beam Club. As that individual recruits and sponsors more new members, they move higher and higher into the ranks of ABC's greatest members and supporters. And this includes great prizes and rewards as they reach each level.

Members from the Metro Washington Chapter of ABC that are in this exclusive club are listed below.

100+ new members sponsored


50-99.5 new members sponsored
ONCORE Construction Consulting Group - Robert J. MacDaniels (92.5)
Anglemyer Construction - Jim Anglemyer (84)

25-49.5 New members sponsored
WCS Construction, LLC - D. Scott Vossler (49)
Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. - Joseph R. Wolf (39.5)
Clark Construction Group, LLC - Wes Stith (33.5)
Donohoe Construction Company - Stephen J. Donohoe (32)

15-24.5 new members sponsored
Mallick Mechanical - Kenneth V. Mallick, Jr. (21.5)
The Insurance Exchange, Inc. - Steve Mey (21)
DAVIS Construction - Bennie Kovach (20.5)
Pillar Construction, Inc. - Tom Bizzarri (18.5)
The Justin Company - Don Owen (19-retired)
Ernest Maier, Inc. - Deborah Murphy (17-retired)
Hess Mechanical/Comfort Systems USA - Katharine Hess Teitel (17-retired)
Lane Concrete Frames - Paul Barry (15)
Miller & Long Co., Inc. - John McMahon (15)


10-14.5 members sponsored
The Millstone Companies - John Miller (14.5)
Hess Mechanical/Comfort Systems USA - Gary Hess (14-retired)
Christopher L. Grant, Attorney at Law - Chris Grant (14.5)
Coakley & Williams Construction, Inc. - Greg Harraka (13)
Goldin & Stafford, LLC - Brian Mattingly (12)
Manganaro Midatlantic, LLC - John Livingston (12)
Henley Construction Co., Inc. - Buddy Henley (11.5)
Grinnell Leadership - Kevin Lapanne (11)
Lanigan, Ryan, Malcolm & Doyle, P.C. - Jeff Lavore (11)
Goldin & Stafford, Inc. - Ralph Goldin (10-retired)
Clark Construction Group, LLC - William I. Magruder (10)

5-9.5 members sponsored

Aggregate Industries - James Russ, Sr. (9.5 retired)
Joseph J. Magnolia, Inc. - John D. Magnolia (8.5)
Donohoe Construction Company - Jeff Donohoe (9)
Gilford Corporation - Steve Sullivan (8)
Gilford Corporation - Henry Gilford (7.5)
Clark Construction Group, LLC - Jim Kinkead (7)
Maryland Applicators, Inc. - Kevin W. Stuart (7)
Penzance Brandon L. Ripley (6.5)
Blackwood of DC, LLC - Jason Haislip (6)
Donohoe Construction Company - Neil J. Stablow (6)
Harkins Builders, Inc. - Tom Capps (6)
Hardesty Concrete Construction, Inc. - Michael Burlas (5.5)
MCN Build Inc. - Rick Munford (5.5)
Redbrick LMD - Paul Elias (5.5)
Miller & Long Co., Inc. - Andrew Dolan (5)
PCC Construction Components, Inc. Leigh Press (5)
Ruppert Landscape, Inc. - Shane Carmadella (5)