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The Estimating Peer Group

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The mission of the Estimating Peer Group is to educate both general contractors and subcontractors on best practices for bidding and preconstruction, offering like-minded professionals an environment conducive to sharing ideas and discussing business opportunities and challenges–all with the goal of improving their businesses.

The peer groups consists of 10-12 ABC of Metro Washington member companies (one attendee per company). The Estimating Peer Group is open to general contractors and subcontractors, and will meet once per quarter with rotating member hosts for each meeting.

First quarter meeting topics:

  •      Budgeting approaches vs. Bids
  •      Condition / Completeness of Bid Documents
  •      Subcontractor’s View of the Bidding Process

First quarter meeting:

February 13 8:00-9:30am
Coakley & Williams Construction, Inc.
7475 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 900
Bethesda MD 20814

Remaining meeting topics include:

  •      Best practices to achieve lower-tier participation
  •      Turnover to Project Management
  •      Team involvement during preconstruction
  •      Specialists vs. Generalists
  •      Software Usage / Comparisons
  •      Bid Room Layout / Design
  •      Preparing the Next Estimators
  •      Remaining Current and Avoiding Stagnancy

$200 annual subscription

For registration information, please contact Kim Collins 301-595-9711.