Stocks General Contractors, LLC

What is the biggest misconception about the industry?

The biggest misconception about the civil construction industry is that all we do is dig holes. While civil construction largely deals with soil displacement there's a myriad of positions within the industry that don’t involve only digging holes.

What is your biggest current challenge at work?

My biggest challenge at work is that I cannot clone myself! Having the right people who make sure the project is done the way the client needs it to be done is always a challenge.

What keeps you up at night?

Making sure to "feed the beast" so that we maintain continued growth. Making sure we have a continual backlog.

What project is your company most proud of?

Replace Waterline at Barracks Row - Quantico Marine Corps Base

How does your ABC membership help your company?

I am a networker and I love to meet new people. Making new connections leads to potential business, mutually.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Army Ranger

Tell us something no one in the industry knows about you.

I'm a third generation construction professional. My father and grandfather both had their own construction companies.

What do you look forward to each day?

Solving problems for my clients!

What are you like to work for?

I believe in extreme ownership. We will have fun while achieving your goals.

What is your favorite Metro Washington hangout/restaurant?

Texas de Brazil

Who would you trade places with for a day?

Andy Frisella

What is your favorite movie or TV show?


What do you do for fun?

Hunt, shoot, trail ride my atv or side by side, and spend time with my wife and kids.

What business/career advice do you wish you had when you began?

Go all out! Be relentless! Do not half step!

What book are you currently reading?

Relentless - From Good To Great To UNSTOPPABLE - Tim S. Grover

What was your first job?

(Masonry) labor help with my dad during elementary school

Stocks General Contractors, LLC is an emerging, small, minority and veteran owned underground utility company. We specialize in wet and dry utilities, earthwork and site concrete.




David T Stocks, Jr.


Stocks General Contractors, LLC