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What is the biggest misconception about the industry?

The biggest misconception about the industry is the assumption that it requires unskilled labor. It is the idea that just about anyone can pick up a pair of tools and get to work, or that the work manages itself. In reality, construction offers dynamic careers for some of the smartest, most talented men and women that are highly skilled in their trade. The construction industry includes a wide range of careers ranging from site workers to architects, engineers and artisan builders who spend years mastering their crafts.

What is your biggest current challenge at work?

The biggest challenges we face are the ongoing impacts of the pandemic. We are making strategic decisions about development design and construction for our projects as the pandemic evolves. Some of the biggest impacts to our industry have been the high market demand, supply chain volatility and shifting future forecast.

During this time, it has been essential that we remain flexible and able to pivot quickly with thoughtful planning, prompt decision making and transparent communication with our partners.

What keeps you up at night?

One of our main priorities has always been the health and safety of our employees and partners. During the pandemic, we have put in place new protocols and procedures to ensure our workplace remains safe and healthy, but it is something that we are evaluating every day and remain vigilant about as the impacts of COVID-19 continue to evolve.

What project is your company most proud of?

At Hoffman & Associates, we are proud to work with our communities to build innovative spaces that bring people together. We are looking forward to bringing the full vision of the vibrant waterfront neighborhood, The Wharf, to life next year with the delivery of Phase 2, which represents over 1 million square feet of marina, office, residential, retail, as well as parks and public spaces and has created thousands of trade jobs.

We are also looking forward to delivering nearly 1,000 residential units of all affordability levels, including affordable senior housing within the Southwest and Southeast communities with Waterfront Station II and Parcel B in partnership with D.C. United.

Within the city of Falls Church, Virginia, we look forward to contributing to this dynamic community with our work on West Falls and the West Falls Church Transit Metro Station that together will provide over 2 million square feet of residential including senior housing, retail, office, hospitality and expansive community space.

And beyond the Washington metropolitan area, we look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the energetic and historic Seaboard Station and to expand regional connectivity with RUS Bus in Raleigh, North Carolina.

How does your ABC membership help your company?

Our ABC membership has not only created a forum for us to meet and hear the concerns of our trade and GC partners, but it has also provided an opportunity for industry training and advocacy, allowing us to provide an owner’s perspective and for our team to expand their skills.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

An architect. I knew at a very early age that I wanted to design and build buildings.

What do you do for fun?

Some of my favorite weekend memories are spent with my fiancé, sister, and two adult sons. Whether it's binge-watching a show, a family bar-b-que, or cracking crabs, I just enjoy spending quality time with them and catching up on life.

What business/career advice do you wish you'd had when you began?

There are two pieces of advice that come to mind. The first from a male mentor who said, “don’t complain if you’re not willing to do something to correct the situation” and the other from a female mentor that I’ve known my entire career who said, “speak up and be a champion for your own career.”

What book are you currently reading?

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is one of my favorite books. I revisit the teachings often both personally and professionally, the book is so relevant now as our nation faces racial and political divides

What was your first job?

My first job ever was “volunteering” in my parent’s blueprinting shop and my first paid jobs were both in a single summer where I tutored middle school students as part of the DC’s Summer Youth Employment program and worked part-time as a clerk for Defranceaux Realty Group.  

Hoffman & Associates is a leader in both residential and mixed-use development across multiple markets in the United States. Since its founding in 1993, Hoffman & Associates has developed over 70 mixed-use, residential, office and retail projects with an unwavering commitment to sustainable and innovative development that puts community first. Hoffman & Associates is an industry leader in creating inclusive urban communities that bring people together and raise the human spirit. The company has major developments throughout the Washington, metropolitan area, Raleigh, NC, and Falls Church, VA. Hoffman & Associates is also the managing member of Hoffman-Madison Waterfront, a joint venture with Madison Marquette, which is developing The Wharf, a $2.5 billion, 3.2 million sq. ft. neighborhood along  Washington, D.C. 's waterfront. Other developments include Seaboard Station, West Falls, Waterfront Station II, The Banks, The Bower, 525 Water, VIO, The Channel and Incanto. Hoffman & Associates is based in Washington, D.C., with a second office in Raleigh, NC.



Maria Thompson

Executive Vice President of Development and Construction

Hoffman & Associates