Henley Construction Co., Inc.

What is the biggest misconception about the industry?
The biggest misconception about our industry is that many view construction as a job of last resort. Reality is that there are boundless opportunities for everyone in this industry! You can start as a laborer and work your way to owning your own business, the industry also employs professionals like CPAs, attorneys, architects and engineers. There is a place for everyone in this industry!

What is your biggest current challenge at work?
The biggest challenge we face is acquiring enough skilled craftsmen. There is more work than can be completed by the current labor pool, which means there are boundless opportunities for those willing to work and learn a trade.

What keeps you up at night?

Safety is my biggest concern. Each of our team members has a family to go home to and I want to make sure we do everything we can to ensure that they go home safely each and every night.

What project is your company most proud of?

Each of our projects is like one of our children, so I cannot really pick a favorite. Each had unique challenges to overcome which gave a different level of satisfaction having completed them, I would say Glasgow Middle School as we completed it a year ahead of schedule and we worked with a great team of subcontractors, the owner and architect also worked closely with us, it was a total team effort.

How does your ABC membership help your company?

This is a terrific industry and the best way to invest in your business and help it succeed is to be a part of ABC! ABC provides networking events where we can gain new contacts in the industry, and share and collaborate on the latest methods of doing business. ABC provides craft, safety and management training and education for our staff keeping our team up to date with the latest OSHA standards and methods of performing our work, safely. We get member discounts from a variety of vendors.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a contractor.... I grew up with it and I love to build things. My dad used to take me to jobs he was doing and I was constantly surrounded by it.

Tell us something no one in the industry knows about you.
I almost got fired my second day on the job as a laborer! I quickly learned to follow the chain of command, if the Superintendent tells you to do something, you do it and don't listen to the carpenter if he tells you something different.

Who would you trade places with for a day?

No one.

What is your favorite movie or TV show?

Last Man Standing

What do you do for fun?

Deep sea fishing and boating, cycling, trap and skeet shooting

Since 1964, Henley Construction Co., Inc. has gained a reputation for mixing the quality and value of a world-class company with the service and friendliness of a family-owned operation. Throughout more than five decades of delivering completed projects on time and within budget, Henley Construction Co., Inc. has built a vast amount of the finest educational, commercial and health-industry projects in the DC/MD/VA area.

In business since 1964

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