Project JumpStart

What is Project JumpStart?

JumpStart is a comprehensive, 14-week construction-training program for Prince George’s County residents with a high school diploma or GED. Experienced teachers introduce students to the basics in plumbing, carpentry and electrical trades. Students also complete OSHA-10, become First Aid/CPR certified, and receive financial coaching and driver’s education. More than 70 percent of students are placed in careers that lead to high wages and apprenticeships.

ABC of Metro Washington is proud to partner with Project JumpStart to provide classes designed to model a real job site and provide students with hands-on experience. With a focus on accountability, skills familiarization and mathematics, graduates are ready for entry-level work on any construction site and the opportunity to become further educated via apprenticeship.

Why Hire a Project JumpStart Graduate?

JumpStart gives graduates a full-spectrum of career preparation. Through hands-on training, the development of math skills and high-performance standards, students develop basic skills to do the job right and learn how to meet the expectations of a future employer.

JumpStart’s placement services ensure your company receives a qualified, job-ready employee. Recommending only qualified candidates, JumpStart saves you time and money in the hiring process.

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Mike Rowe Talks with JumpStart Graduates in Baltimore