Mid-Atlantic Backflow Academy

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Introducing The Mid-Atlantic Backflow Academy

Created in partnership between University of Florida’s TREEO Center and ABC CraftMasters Training Trust, the Mid-Atlantic Backflow Academy is the ONLY dedicated backflow facility in the United States.

The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1973 protects public water systems from harmful contaminants and pollutants that may enter the water system through cross connections and backflow, meaning all plumbing, landscaping and fire protection companies must have a certified Backflow Assembly Tester in their employ. 
From Maine and Ohio to North Carolina and all states in between, the Mid-Atlantic Backflow Academy brings cutting-edge backflow instruction at a centralized, east coast location for all in the industry with five classes to meet all of your needs.

Class Offerings

Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification

In this 32-hour, 3-day class, participants will develop a working knowledge of the causes and principles of backflow and backflow prevention. Recognizing proper backflow prevention assembly application and operation is stressed. Complete understanding and the ability to perform accepted field-test procedures for all backflow prevention assemblies is required for successful completion.

Backflow Recertification 

Backflow Prevention Testers are certified for three years. In addition, you must complete six contact hours of backflow continuing education during the three years your certification is active. This 8-hour class provides recertification for an additional three years.  

    Backflow Prevention Assembly Repair & Maintenance

This three-day advanced course is for individuals currently holding Backflow Assembly Tester certification. Time is spent both in the classroom and the working lab. This advanced course provides hands-on experience in the repair and maintenance of large diameter backflow preventers from various manufacturers. Instructors discuss advanced testing, trouble-shooting and safety procedures.*

You must hold a current Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Certification to attend this class.

Backflow Inspection

Participants will learn how to identify appropriate methods to prevent backflows for isolation and containment, review new construction plans to eliminate cross-connections, and conduct a field survey demonstrating how to inspect for cross-connections. Successful
completion of the exam on day two earns you certification for Cross-Connection Control Inspectors by the UF/TREEO Center.

*Prerequisite: Backflow Management
    Backflow Management

Learn the essentials of developing and managing an effective cross-connection control program, including: legal authority, policies, budget preparation, record keeping, training and education, assembly standards and specification, the elements of a good ordinance, and liabilities and responsibilities. Upon completion of this course, and the Survey and inspection course, you will be awarded a Program Manager's certification.