Dear ABC Member, 

I’m pleased to announce a major victory for ABC members and the construction industry.

After months of work by ABC’s DC Legislative Committee, the District’s Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) has made the following changes to the Master Tradesman Bulletin, based on our recommendations:

1.    The Master Tradesman or their licensed designee will only be required to be on site after two or more consecutive failures of an inspection for a specified scope of work under the trade permit.
2.    DCRA (third party) Inspectors have the discretionary authority to mandate that the Master Tradesman or their
licensed designee be present at additional inspections for excessive or repeated code violations including, but not limited to, unsafe work. 

The new bulletin goes into effect May 1st. For more information, contact Eric Jones at 202-904-8994.

Debbie Livingston

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