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STEP Improves Performance
Read ABC’s 2018 Safety Performance Report to understand the impact of STEP participation on safety performance. Packed with infographics and practical takeaways, the report documents the dramatic impact of using proactive safety practicest, making the best-performing companies 670% safer than the industry average.

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Establishing a safe working environment requires every employer - large and small - and every worker to make safety and health a top priority. The entire work force - from the CEO to the most recent hire - must recognize that worker safety and health is central to the mission and key to the profitability of the American company.

ABC's safety management system, STEP (Safety Training Evaluation Process), is a 20-point guide to starting, updating or auditing a company-wide safety program. Participants in the program are 670% safer than the industry average. In addition, companies also have an 85% lower incident rate and a 70% lower DART rate. With our safety program, you can highlight your safety excellence to developers, owners, contractors and employees. 

The online application features include instantaneous STEP level notification and auto-save functionality so members can save their work and complete the application at a later date.


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