The DC Department of  Employment Services (DOES) has begun enforcing the new First Source law which passed in 2012. In addition to mandating the specific hourly percentages for skilled and unskilled labor, the department has also become much more strict as it relates to issuing good faith efforts, which has resulted in numerous fines being issued to ABC members unable to meet the requirements of First Source. 

ABC of Metro Washington is working to address the issue and has recently held a meeting with Director Odie Donald of DOES and Associate Director Michael Watts of the Office of Labor, Laws and Enforcement. ABC and DOES discussed how to better communicate the requirements under the First Source law to our members up front in an effort to avoid costly fines at the end of the project. 

If you are working on a job that has First Source requirements and you need assistance, or if you receive a letter, notice or fine from DOES, please contact the Bob Zinsmeister or Eric Jones. Additionally, please remember that members are provided one free consultation with ABC’s General Counsel Maurice Baskin, who is also working on this issue. For questions about ABC’s legal case against the First Source law please contact Debbie Livingston.