The ABC Montgomery County Legislative Committee is currently reviewing legislation (Bill 60-14) before the County Council which would mandate employers provide up to 56 hours per year for sick and safe leave to their employees. The unused leave could be carried over which would enable an employee to use up to 80 hours per calendar year.

The legislation expands the “traditional” definition of family member for which sick leave could be used. The “safe” portion of the bill deals with providing leave for situations dealing with domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.

The definition of employer is anyone “operating or doing business in the County that employs 1 or more persons” so it is not limited to just those companies that are located in the County.

The bill calls for a notice requirement by the employer to the employees as well as requiring the employer to keep records for at least three years.

A public hearing is scheduled for January 29. We would like your feedback prior to the holidays if possible. Please forward any comments or recommendations you have regarding this proposal to ABC Metro Washington by Monday, December 22.