The 2018 session of the Maryland General Assembly came to an end on Monday, April 9.  It was a challenging session for ABC and the business community in general.  Here are some of the major issues that ABC lobbied on and their outcomes.  A detailed report on the session will be forthcoming in the near future.

  • H.B. 112- Procurement- Responsible Bidders- Petition by Member of the General Assembly-  Bill Defeated-ABC OPPOSED
  • H.B. 512- Labor & Employment- Wage History Information- Bill Defeated- ABC OPPOSED
  • H.B. 540- Labor & Employment- Pre-Tax Transportation Fringe Benefit- Requirement- Bill Defeated- ABC OPPOSED
  • H.B. 546- Prevailing Wage- Tax Increment Financing Developments- Bill Passed- ABC OPPOSED
  • H.B. 974- Labor & Employment- Exemptions from Overtime Pay- Bill Defeated- ABC OPPOSED
  • S.B. 572- Prevailing Wage Rates- Public Work Contracts- Suit by Employees- Bill Passed- ABC OPPOSED- Requesting Veto by the Governor

Any questions regarding these or any other bill considered during the session, please contact Bob Zinsmeister at 301-595-9711.