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Legislation to alter the exemption for specified executive, administrative or professional (EAP) employees from the Maryland Wage and Hour Law was overwhelmingly defeated in the House Economic Matters Committee by a vote of 19-1.


The Maryland General Assembly adjourned Monday night with a flurry of activity on legislation of interest to ABC and the merit construction industry. Below is a short list of some issues lobbied on by ABC. A more comprehensive report will be forthcoming. 

Pro-Union Workforce Development Bill Killed in Senate Committee

Legislation that would have mandated union representation on all Strategic Industry Partnerships as it related to the Maryland Earn Program was defeated in the Senate Finance Committee.

The District’s Newest Attempt at Project Labor Agreements: Bill 22-0959, the East End Health Equity Act of 2018.

On Tuesday, November 13th, the DC City Council held its first of two votes on Bill 22-0959, the “East End Health Equity Act of 2018”. The legislation as introduced would use $300 Million in District Funds to construct a new health care facility, managed by George Washington University Hospital on the grounds of the old St. Elizabeth’s (east campus). As part of the legislation, there was an amendment to remove the Certificate of Need (CON) for the project. Included in this amendment, was language requiring the use of a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) as specified under the Procurement and Integrity Act of 2016. 

Why We Vote

Why We Vote

Employers Can Now Electronically Report 2017's OHSA 300A Form

Employers can now begin to electronically report their Calendar Year (CY) 2017 Form 300A data to OSHA through the agency’s Injury Tracking Application. All covered establishments must submit the information by July 1, 2018. Employers can view their submitted CY 2016 Form 300A summary information, but they cannot edit or submit additional 2016 data on this website.    Remember, not all establishments are covered by this requirement. Only a small fraction of establishments are required to electronically submit their Form 300A data to OSHA. Establishments that meet any of the following criteria DO NOT have to send their information to OSHA. Remember, these criteria apply at the establishment level, not to the firm as a whole. The establishment’s peak employment during the previous calendar year was 19 or fewer, regardless of the establishment's industry. The establishment’s industry is on this list, regardless of the size of the establishment. The establishment had ...

Maryland Apprenticeship Training Council (MATC) Adds Pro-ABC Members

MATC recently added two ABC members which will strengthen the merit voice on the Council.  David Smarte, Delaware Elevator and Leon Bromley, Rommel Companies will bring an expertise and knowledge which will enhance the work of the Council.   APPRENTICESHIP & TRAINING COUNCIL The Apprenticeship and Training Council originated in 1962 as the Maryland State Apprenticeship Council within the State Department of Education, and received its present name in 1966 (Chapter 671, Acts of 1966). It joined the Department of Employment and Training in 1983 (Chapter 64, Acts of 1983). In 1987, the Council became part of the Department of Economic and Employment Development (Chapter 311, Acts of 1987). It transferred to the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation in 1995 (Chapter 120, Acts of 1995).  Apprenticeship programs are reviewed and approved by the Council which fosters their development. The Council also sets standards for registered apprenticeship programs.  The Council's tw ...

PLA Feedback Requested- Deadline August 13

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Louisville District has issued a survey requesting feedback from the contracting community about the potential use of a project labor agreement (PLA) on a contract to construct the Medical Clinic Replacement at Fort Knox, Kentucky. To review and respond to the USACE survey, click here.

In addition, we've included a template contractors can customize to help with their response. Before submission, please rename the document, pay close attention to the highlighted text and customize it as much as possible.  Template download >

ABC Invited to Participate In State MOSH Workgroup

Governor Larry Hogan and Secretary of the Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation Kelly Schulz have invited ABC to participate on a workgroup involving the operational dynamics of Maryland’s Occupational Safety and Health Program (MOSH).  The objective of the workgroup is to have a frank discussion in evaluating the effectiveness of MOSH program, as a traditionally operated state plan under the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).  learn more here >

DC Department of Employment Services Launches Zip Code Project

On April 10th, representatives from ABC Metro Washington along with other members of the DC Business Coalition met with the Director of the DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) and the Staff of the Office on Wage and Hour to discuss the DOES Zip Code Project. The project, which was rolled last month, provides a citywide foot patrol of businesses to educate employers on the Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act that took effect on February 26, 2015 as well as all other applicable laws overseen by the Labor Standards Bureau. The project's aim is to increase compliance and understanding among employers across the District. During the visits, inspectors will inspect businesses in targeted zip codes to ensure they are in compliance with all current labor laws. If any violations are found, the investigator will identify each violation on a checklist and will provide the establishment/business with a copy of their findings. Inspectors and DOES staff will then provide the business with information to clar ...

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